Change requires steady work

aricept cost Recently, we had the opportunity to run the Niagara Falls Half Marathon.  The longer distances attract me because of the work they involve.  The training plan is divided into distinct stages, each section crafted to support the end goal.  I do not love every morning run, or every grueling hot training session, but I love […] Read More

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Begin with the End in Sight

zoom in buy albendazole Sports have a great advantage: the goal is immediately apparent.  In golf, sink the ball in the hole.  In football, get the ball across into the endzone.  In quidditch, catch the golden snitch.  Regardless of the sport, the rules clearly state how to score points and the objective.  Unfortunately, the objective of training is not […]

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Context & Details for Understanding observe  Understanding is a part of learning, but conversely, learning is a part of understanding. Context and detail are critical in bringing your classroom participants along the learning journey.  Seek to understand their context, and provide the detail for them to understand yours. This morning my son and I admired a new vehicle as it passed […]

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The Five Stages of Training

site de rencontre belle swing As a Six Sigma Black Belt, leader of an organization, or as Training Manager, the question of training effectiveness eventually becomes a topic.  As an internal auditor, I have too often seen “training” as the only (and repeated) solution to a quality spill.  In order to address the efficient and effective training, consider how training […]

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