The Not So Simple Art of Communications

Communication is an art form that requires diligence and patience to get right.  How we approach differing opinions can quickly set the stage for positive (or negative) interactions.  Once each person has taken up camp, it is difficult to find a common ground.  In business, and our personal relationships as well, perspectives matter.  In the case of the two leafmen in our cartoon, one sees a 9 and the other sees a 6.  Which is correct?

These two have a choice to make: stand in their respective corners and argue, potentially throwing slurs at one another OR take a walk around and investigate each other’s understanding.  Consider the following graphic, Details Clarify.

After some conversation, these two took the time to understand the other’s perspective and realized one or the other may be right.  They then investigated the situation and added the required details to clarify.  Patience and diligence were involved to positively resolve the issue.

  As communicators, we can almost never be too clear in communicating our message.  What experience have you had recently that led to misunderstanding as a result of poor communications?  How did you resolve the situation?

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